Over the last decade, more and more large companies have adjusted their payroll systems to enable automatic check signing. Whether a company uses its own check signing machine or downloads a software program, automatic check signing has become nearly universal in some industries and is an efficient method of cutting down on the time and expense of writing paychecks.

Pre-Programmed Hardware

One of the options available to those interested in implementing automatic check signing is purchasing pre-programmed hardware, which operates independently of software and offers a secure method of printing signed checks. Many programs now offer additional custom graphics for advanced security, secure signature backgrounds, and the ability to sign both pre-printed and blank checks. Obtaining access to this hardware typically requires the user to know a password and so can be restricted to use by specific, trusted individuals. Furthermore, signatures are usually stored on encrypted chips inside of the machine and can be programmed during installation to only recognize an in-house printer.

Check Signing Software

Many companies opt for check signing software that when downloaded allows for both single pass and two pass processing. Single pass systems print check data and signatures at the same time, while two pass processing requires that checks be printed twice. The first time the check is printed with only the check data, after which it is put back into the machine and printed again with the signature. Most of these programs are password protected and include report logs that keep track of who logged in on what day and how many checks were issued during each session. Added watermarks and graphics make the systems even more secure. Furthermore, because they are software-based, these programs don’t require the purchase of equipment that will need to be maintained or repaired.

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