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The Monster in Your Closet: Local Tax Codes

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October 28, 2020
Core Group
Tax Planning

As a child, you fear the monster in your closet. There are dark shadows peeking out of the cracked door. As soon as you turn on the light you see what you thought was a big one eyed monster was actually just your winter coat. The fear of the unknown does not disappear when you become an adult. Now you fear your finances and tax season, which without guidance, can be just as dark and scary. 

At the Core Group, we don’t want you to dread the approach of tax season. Our goal is to have you looking forward to that time of the year and be able to get the most out of it. Instead of simply helping you do your taxes cut and dry, our mission is to give you strategies that help to foster sustained growth within a small business. We help our clients plan and manage their tax liability. This means we also need to do a bit of homework on our end to ensure we have all the insight for getting you the maximum returns, especially on the local level.

Are you afraid to go with a company outside of a local accounting firm because they won’t understand local tax law? Don’t worry, we will switch on the closet light. Knowledge of local tax law is a key piece to our approach in setting you up for success when April comes around. Making sure all your ducks are in a row long before tax season approaches is just part of what we do. We want you to be able to use every local tax incentive to your advantage and take full use of both local and federal initiatives. 

From incentives like electric vehicles, hiring veterans, and farming, the state of Oklahoma has many specific, motivating write-offs that we want you to know about and prepare for! States have hundreds of tax exemptions, and we want you to have the knowledge and foresight to take advantage of them. We do our due diligence so you can reap the rewards for your small business no matter where you’re located. Using the knowledge of local tax law raises your business up to be strategic instead of just reactive. The payoff for having a good tax strategy can have massive implications both for this year and those down the road. Capitalizing local tax law benefits is crucial to the small business and why we come prepared with the knowledge to use them. 

After tax season is over there is just a couple of months and then another tax season is upon you. At the Core Group, we build strategies to save you money now and prepare you for the upcoming tax seasons as well. There are many unknowns in life, but finances shouldn’t be one of them.

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