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January 12, 2017
Core Group US
Small Business
Time Clock Solutions

In the past, most companies used manual methods of timekeeping to ensure that the payroll process was completed properly. However, as technology has improved, more and more businesses have begun using web and software-based programs. This has helped increase efficiency and accuracy in both large and small businesses across the nation. It can be difficult to choose what type of system to use, so if you are a business owner and have questions about implementing a new timekeeping method, it is critical to contact an experienced financial management company who can explain your options and advise you on the best time clock solutions for your company.

Cloud-Based Systems

Some of the most popular time clock solutions are cloud-based programs that allow employees to record their hours by clocking in or out with any of the following devices:

Traditional time clocks
Internet-connected computers
Mobile devices
Biometric readers

Whether employees must enter a pin code, swipe a smart card, or manually record their hours, these programs allow employers to collect time data quickly and accurately. Once collected, these time records are then automatically transferred to payroll and HR software. The same system can even be used to generate schedules, monitor overtime hours, and manage paid time off. These programs are often a good fit for small businesses because it doesn’t require expensive software to install, but is entirely cloud-based.

Remote Timekeeping

Other systems are specifically designed for businesses whose employees operate remotely. These programs allow employees to clock in and out with laptops, smartphones, text messages, and even Twitter. In addition to recording where workers start and end their shifts, the systems also record their locations on an ongoing basis throughout the day.

Installed Systems

Larger businesses with more employees may want to consider investing in a system that is installed within the business itself. Although these types of programs are often more expensive, companies usually offer multiple packages at varying costs. The most comprehensive systems even include a variety of ways to track employees and create schedules.

Contact a Member of the CORE Financial Management Team Today

Whether you own a small family business or a large corporation, it is important to remain aware of the best time clock solutions that the industry has to offer, so if you live in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or Lawton and have questions or concerns about your own timekeeping, accounting, or bookkeeping methods, please contact the CORE financial management team and we can help you schedule a consultation. Members of our team can be reached at our Oklahoma City office by calling 405-288-1207, while those at our Tulsa office can be contacted at 918-209-3441. If you live in or near Lawton, please call us at 580-353-2376 to set up a meeting.

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