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Do you wish you could pay less to the IRS in taxes and more to yourself for retirement?  Are you unsure about the retirement account options available to you as a business owner or entrepreneur? When you were first starting your career it was easy, right?  You put money into your employer’s 401(k) Plan, they… Read More

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Have you ever gotten to the end of the year and felt frustrated with the total tax you had to pay to the IRS?  As a fellow entrepreneur and business owner, believe me, I know this feeling all too well.  But what can you do?  You just owe what you owe, right?  But is there… Read More

Many small business employers are rethinking their employee’s compensation in light of the recent tax reform.  Certain industries, like transportation, will be hit harder than others.  Be proactive and review your policies so that your employees don’t suffer a shock come tax time. What Changed There were many significant changes with the recent tax reform… Read More

2018 brings many tax changes for Small Businesses in Oklahoma and Texas.  Although not a radical change, you now have even more flexibility on how to expense capital purchases (depreciation) in your small business. Bonus Depreciation Beginning in 2018, small businesses can write off 100% of eligible assets acquired whether it is new OR used. … Read More

Oklahoma is an “at-will” employment state.  So firing employees is simple, right?  WRONG! Several instances can result in legal problems.  Read More.     Have tipped employees?  The US Department of Labor has just issued new regulations regarding tip pooling and the tip credit.  Read More.     Department of Labor recently issued new standards for… Read More

One of the small changes in the new tax law could impact small business owners in a big way.  If you’re like many businesses you pay for some business expenses personally.  Nothing wrong with that, but you need to be careful how you handle the accounting or you could lose the business deduction entirely. The… Read More

With the new tax law, many small business owners are revisiting the question of S-Corporation election.  For years, most small businesses have elected to be taxed as an S-corporation, but tax rate changes have many asking if that is still the right choice.  So let’s review the big picture of options available. Sole Proprietor This… Read More

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Usually the increases in retirement plan contribution limits are not very interesting or news worthy. With the new tax law changes, however, you need to pay special attention to them for tax planning in your small business. For more information on the New Tax Law, read this article. Because of the new 20% deduction for… Read More

Many changes in the new tax law require Oklahoma Small Businesses to revisit their planning.  One of the under utilized provisions of the tax code provides a powerful tax planning strategy, but now their are new restrictions. Like-Kind Exchanges IRC Section 1031 allows certain transactions to not be taxes, potentially permanently.  Otherwise known as “Like-Kind… Read More

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The recent tax law changes changed the treatment of business losses for most Oklahoma small businesses.  Prior to 2018, net operating losses (NOL’s) could be carried back 2 years or forward 20 years to offset income.  The new law eliminates the ability to carry back the losses to prior years.  Additionally, there is now no… Read More