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Pension plans are retirement plans that allow an employer to make contributions to retirement funds on behalf of their employees. Some pension plans also allow workers to supplement these accounts by diverting a portion of their own wages to the fund on a regular basis. Regardless of the type of plan, pensions offer employees the… Read More

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Planning for one’s twilight years is something that most workers begin contemplating at a relatively young age. Fortunately, there are a number of investment opportunities that can help a person ensure that he or she has access to funds after retirement. 401(k)s One of the most popular (and easiest) ways to start a retirement fund… Read More

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Investment strategies differ depending on the long-term goals of the investor as well as his or her financial resources. However, there are a few types of investments that are a good option for even the most inexperienced investor. Mutual Funds People who are eager to invest, but don’t have a lot of capital often choose… Read More

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Payroll is the system used to calculate employee paychecks and although companies can handle payroll in a variety of ways, each system requires inputting certain employee information. Calculating Hourly Wages Whether a company uses an in-house computerized payroll system or outsources to a service, each system requires basic information about their employees, including names, bank… Read More


There are three basic paycheck options available to employers, direct deposit, paper checks, and pay cards. There are benefits to each type of payment, although which one fits a company best will depend on a variety of factors, including the number of employees and the size of the payroll staff. Paper Paycheck Many companies still… Read More

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Although electronic payments have become increasingly popular, many businesses still use paper checks that can be physically mailed when paying employees and suppliers. In fact, it is estimated that most businesses in the U.S. pay at least half of their bills by check. Writing a Business Check With only a few exceptions, writing a business… Read More

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Many employers order background checks before deciding to hire an applicant. While this is completely legal, there are a number of both federal and state regulations that restrict what types of information can be requested. Failing to adhere to these rules can result in civil liability, so it is important to have a thorough understanding… Read More

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Over the last decade, more and more large companies have adjusted their payroll systems to enable automatic check signing. Whether a company uses its own check signing machine or downloads a software program, automatic check signing has become nearly universal in some industries and is an efficient method of cutting down on the time and… Read More

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As Tax Day creeps closer, it can be tempting to dash through your return. Don’t. Rushing tends to result in mistakes – and those errors can slow processing of your tax return, resulting in delayed tax refunds or worse, a second glance from Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS has identified the nine errors that… Read More