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Maximize Profitability and Cash Flow While Minimizing Your Tax Liability

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Our services are designed to increase profitability through expert tax and financial planning, all with proactive communication.

Discover the Core Difference
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Discover the Core difference and the impact it can have on your business.

Items to check before filing your return
- Tax savings
- Free with no obligation for prospective new clients
Steps to avoid tax surprises
- No tax surprises
- Free with no obligation for prospective new clients
Tax Return Review (free!)
Review of prior year return & action report on possible strategies
- Are you paying more tax than you should?
- Free with no obligation for prospective new clients
- Core Financial Process™
- Team of 3 professionals
- Quarterly meetings
- Bank and credit card reconciliations
- Sales tax filing
- Tax planning and preparation
- Payroll
- Proactive strategy options to lower your taxes
- No surprises
- Knowing you’re paying the least amount legally possible
Retirement Plans
- Individual
- Business
- Customized to owner’s intent
- Increased employee satisfaction/retention
- Increased hiring success
- Tax savings
- Increased owner retirement resources
Profit First
- Customized Core Financial Process™
- Profit First assessment
- Profit First roll out plan
- Quarterly coaching calls
- Increased cash flow
- Increased profitability
Affiliate Services
- Business insurance
- EOS implementation
- Custom legal department

What we do (and Don't) Offer

We do NOT simply prepare your tax return. We DO work with you throughout the year to plan and manage your tax liability. Filing the tax return is the last step in the process.  If you only want someone to prepare your tax return, then we are not the right solution for you.

We do NOT work inside your QuickBooks. We DO provide timely, accurate, and complete financial information to you and use it to plan your taxes.  And we do have QuickBooks Certified Professionals on staff to answer questions.

We do NOT wait for you to call us. We DO proactively schedule regular meetings with you to find ways to lower your taxes.

We do NOT “outsource” your accounting. We DO provide you timely, accurate, and complete financial statements. Things like bill paying and deposit matching are not in our wheelhouse. We recommend companies like if you are looking to have someone take on all of your accounting functions.

We do NOT work with THC companies. Until the federal government changes the banking rules, our Core Tax Process™ with cash only businesses.

We do NOT have specific industries we work with. We DO provide the most comprehensive tax planning service for small businesses.

How to Know if we're a Good Fit

You most likely will want to partner with Core in the following situations:

  1. Your business revenue is in excess of $100k
  2. Your business net income is in excess of $50k
  3. Your business has inventory
  4. Your business has fixed assets (e.g. business vehicles)
  5. Your business has employees
  6. You have trouble communicating with your tax preparer/CPA
  7. You have to call your tax preparer/CPA, they don’t proactively call you
  8. Your tax returns are late
  9. You have no idea what your tax returns mean, or what you owe
  10. You have to file extensions
  11. You don’t know how specifically you can lower your taxes
  12. You aren’t presented with at least 2 options to lower your taxes, EACH YEAR
10 Core benefits you don't get from a typical cpa

Flat-Fee Structure: No surprises. Nearly all our services are flat-fee based.


90-Day Guarantee: We want to use our knowledge, skills, and services to help small businesses grow and thrive. If you don't think we're a good fit for your business within the first 90 days of working with us, we'll give you your money back. No catches, no surprises.


We Get To Know Your Business: Really, we’re not just saying that. In addition to our initial fact gathering client on-boarding process, most of our engagements include 1 on-site visit a year to your location so we can ensure you are minimizing your taxes, you are in compliance with employees and payroll, and we plan for the future based on where your business is headed.


Highly Experienced: In the past 20+ years we’ve handled all types of businesses, large and small, startups to mature, buying or selling situations, simple tax returns and highly complex.


Profit First: We are Profit First Master-Certified Firm. Our professionals are trained in assisting clients in implementing the Profit First system in their businesses. We love the way the Profit First system ensures that the money is there to pay the taxes when they are due. No more owing the IRS!


Value Added: More than just another accounting firm, as a trusted business advisor, we seek to help clients capitalize on opportunities through better business practices.


Proactive Approach: We help clients to prevent cash flow, payroll and tax problems before they happen.


Communication: We use cutting-edge technology for communication and client documents for a truly mobile, always available solution so that you always have access to the answers you need with anytime, anywhere convenience.


You-Focused: Our firm maintains a limited clientele of clients so we can be responsive and provide the attention you deserve.


Technology Enabled: Using proprietary artificial intelligence software, we are able to more accurately predict your taxable income. This software also gives our professionals recommendations of proven tax strategies that apply to your situation. Because this is our software, it means NO ONE else can better project, plan, and lower your taxes.

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Ready to learn how to lower your taxes with better planning?

Nobody can predict the future, but we can get pretty close. We can show you what your future looks like when you have Core Group in your corner.

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