Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), businesses are required to adhere to specific record keeping practices. The law allows employers to use any method of timekeeping they choose, which could include utilizing a time clock, employing a timekeeper, or requiring workers to record their own times. To satisfy the law, a timekeeping plan need only be complete and accurate. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to make minor timekeeping errors that could have serious consequences for both employers and employees, making it especially important for business owners to seek advice before implementing their own systems.

Automated Timekeeping Systems

Historically, most employers used manual timekeeping methods. In recent years, however, advances in software and data collection have significantly helped reduce timekeeping errors and improve payroll processing time. As a result, both small and large employers now mainly rely on automated timekeeping processes to record employee attendance. These systems also help by performing other functions, including:

  • Automating calculations;
  • Integrating data; and
  • Producing reports.

These characteristics, in turn, make it easier to comply with both state and federal wage and hour laws, while also helping employers save time and money. However, using these types of systems requires employers to carefully maintain their programs. A failure to do so could result in a lawsuit, with an employee claiming that he or she was not compensated appropriately. If found liable for violating the FLSA, employers could be required to pay damages for unpaid overtime, attorneys’ fees, and civil penalties.

Fixed Schedules

Many employees work on fixed schedules. However, this does not exempt their employers from using accurate timekeeping systems. In some cases, employers can keep a record showing the employee’s daily and weekly schedules with a confirmation that the worker adhered to the schedule. When workers exceed the fixed schedule or work fewer hours than usual, the employer must record the number of hours that the employee actually worked.

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