Everyone surely heard this year that the due filing deadlines for their individual tax return were April 18, 2016, due to Emancipation Day falling on April 15 in the District of Columbia.  This due date also applied to other tax forms and payments such as the Form 941 payments.  For a taxpayer that makes monthly deposits for payroll taxes, the due date for making the March 2016 deposit was April 18, 2016.  The IRS apparently updated their website http://www.tax.gov/calendar/What to Do When You Receive a Payroll Penalty Notice from the IRS

IRS Mistakes

We have received many letters on behalf of our clients that the payments that we made on April 18 were late because the IRS states they were due on April 15!  Luckily, the IRS notices have graciously indicated that they are not going to charge any penalty for these late payments (because they weren’t late!).  This type of IRS error is frustrating on two fronts.  First, as a payroll processing company, it makes us look bad.  The letter that the IRS sends states “You submitted your federal deposit incorrectly”.  Naturally, our clients  (who pay us to take care of this from them) get these letters and then call us to inquire why we did something “incorrectly”.  We can tell the clients that it is an IRS mistake, but it still creates ill will.

Second, this type of error by the IRS has to waste a ton of money!  We are a very small payroll provider compared to many of the large providers across the country.  If we got several dozen letters, then I can only assume that the IRS sent out hundreds of thousands or even millions of other letters.  What a waste!  In closing, I understand that everyone makes mistakes even the federal government.  However, it rubs me the wrong way when those mistakes make our company look bad and wastes taxpayer money.

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