I have a passion for small business. I enjoy helping other achieve their goals and I love to see our clients and our team prosper. I started in our Oklahoma City office in 2002 and did every job in our office (bookkeeper, payroll processor, telemarketer, manager, outside sales, and admin) at some point. I did some of those positions well and others I did poorly but I learned a lot about the operations of the business. I moved to Tulsa in 2003 to open our second location and assumed all of those roles mentioned above since I was a one-man office! Currently, I concentrate on our firm administration and making sure that our team is successful in providing services to our client. I also provide business consulting and financial services to our clients. I am a problem solver by nature and enjoy new challenges on a daily basis. I have been married since 2005 and have a son and a daughter. Our family loves to travel and are constantly looking for new adventures! I am a golfer who doesn’t get out as much as I would like and am always looking for a reason to be on the course. I am an active member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization and I am a continual learner.