Bridge Employment Services needed to tighten up their accounting and payroll functions. The full service employment agency was enjoying a booming business matching qualified job seekers to the companies that needed their talent in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas. However, their payroll provider was difficult to work with and often inaccurate. The company’s taxes and financial reports were being handled without problems by a business acquaintance, but also without any gain beyond fulfilling the basic requirements.

  • Precisely identify deductions
  • Streamline expense reporting
  • Consolidate interest credit deductions

Assured advice you can count on


A Core representative contacted Bridge and explained the company’s services and fee structure. Bridge immediately recognized that a move to Core would be a perfect fit as well as more cost effective. Right off the bat, Core helped Bridge set up QuickBooks and trained the staff on how to use it. They also provided training on reconciling accounts and went back over the last year and a half of data to get a broad view of the agency’s structure, determining where changes or cuts would be beneficial. “We knew we made a good decision just two or three months into the relationship,” says Ray Roberson, CEO of Bridge. “They would inquire about purchases and expenditures and assist us in analyzing whether those were helping us. Core helped us to make better financial decisions.”

Core Payroll helped Bridge Employment Services save about $34k last year


Bridge is very pleased with the service they receive and the financial results they’ve seen. “They are excellent at explaining what is needed and offering us options. I don’t see how they can improve in that area,” explains Ray. “When we mention specific things about our industry they’re quick on the uptake – they understand it and then provide us useful feedback. They are eager to help, always providing great suggestions that save us more money.” In fact, Core Payroll helped Bridge Employment Services save about $34k last year! They had undergone an audit with their workers comp carrier, who stated that Bridge owed more money. Core reviewed this audit and discovered it had been conducted incorrectly. “Core caught the carrier’s error and saved us thousands. You can’t be unhappy with that!”

“We’re highly pleased with the work Core has done. So pleased that we recommend Core to our customers and even try to convince those who already have a payroll provider to switch.”