The Core Financial Process™

Reconciliations, tracking, and reviews all under one roof.

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Services included in the Core Financial Process™ :

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Direct Bank Feeds

We pull information directly from your banks and credit cards eliminating time and errors.

Monthly Bank Reconciliations

We then compare our records to the bank to make sure they match, making sure that you're receiving every deduction possible.

Sales Reconciliation

Next, we reconcile your sales records with the bank. This allows us to confirm any non-income deposits, and to verify your sales made it to the bank.

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Accountant Monthly Review for Tax Minimization

Once our bookkeeping staff has completed their review of your financial statements, confirming they reconcile to external data, and that everything is properly classified, it is passed to your Relationship Manager. The Relationship Manager, who is a qualified CPA or EA, reviews the financial statements to make sure they are complete and accurate. Using proprietary software, they then project your taxable income, so they can update and adjust your tax plan.

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Full Accrual Accounting

If applicable, we make sure that your financial statements are prepared with accrual accounting to more accurately reflect the timing of your income and expenses. For many businesses, this doesn't apply, but we provide the service if you need.

Loan Reconciliation

We confirm that your financial statements accurately reflect the balances of all loans. This eliminates surprises in tax planning from end of year adjustments. Many businesses simply expense the loan payment, which leads to a larger than expected income for taxes.

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Fixed Asset Tracking

Throughout the year we update your financial statements to reflect the tax effect of assets that you purchase. This monthly tracking gives a much more accurate picture of your taxable income.

1099 Vendor Tracking

The IRS requires you to send 1099 forms annually to many vendors. We track these expenses throughout the year, then prepare and file the 1099's at year end.

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Sales Tax Filing

For companies that are required to collect sales tax on their goods and services, we reconcile the sales tax liability back to your sales records, and make sure the returns are timely filed with the applicable states.

Payroll Processing

We offer a full service payroll experience with the latest technology. Additionally, we make sure the payroll is accurately recorded in your financial statements, ensuring maximum tax deduction.

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Quarterly and Annual Payroll Filing

A major source of frustration for employers, we ensure that all payroll taxes and reports are filed with the applicable federal, state, and local authorities.

Time Tracking and Benefit Accrual

In addition to payroll processing and filing, we offer a robust suite of services for time tracking and benefit accrual, such as paid time off.

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