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Business and employee tax forms, contractor checklists, and many other resources are available to download, print, and share.

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Independent Contractor Checklist
Record Retention Policy
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2020 W-4
ACA With Plan
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PPP Round 2
Jeremy Doorn goes over the new Paycheck Protection Program Second Draw application. He discusses the program changes and reviews the Employee Retention Credit changes.
From Start Up to Grow Up
How to Grow Your Business Profitably through the different stages of growth
PPP Loan Forgiveness Part 72
The latest on PPP Loan Forgiveness with the Excel Queen, Jennifer Herrs, EA. Latest on all three SBA applications 3508S, 3508EZ, & 3508. Practical answers to your questions.
How to Grow Your Company Through Customer Insights
Jodi Roberts of NovaReady reviews the 4 components of creating your own Growth Playbook.
Core Growth Metric
Every business owner looking to grow needs to have this financial information before the proceed. We break down the key components and how to use them to grow your business profitably.
How to Use Retirement Accounts as Tax Strategies (Video)
In this webinar video, Jeremy Doorn, enrolled agent with the IRS and Investment Advisor with Core Wealth Management, LLC, outlines ways you can maximize your tax savings with retirement accounts.
How a Bank Looks at Your Financial Statements (PDF)
Here are some guidelines and explanations of what banks look for in your company's financial statements.
6 Keys to Hire an Accountant (PDF)
When you start a business, chances are you’ve never had to hire a professional like an accountant. Most people ask for a referral from a colleague, which is a great place to start, but because they’re a good fit for your friend, does that mean they’re good for you?
How to Handle a Wage Garnishment (PDF)
Garnishment is a drastic measure for collecting a debt. The biggest mistake is knowing which one is to be used first and what supersedes the other, setting time limits, and getting the proper paperwork out to all parties involved and sent timely and certified to protect your company. Your company could become the payee of the garnishment order if any of these things are done incorrectly
Why Your Accountant Really Doesn’t Call You Back (PDF)
The truth is that there is a list of clients you call back first. They usually are the clients that pay the most or are most profitable. Clients that aren’t as large just go to the bottom of the stack. Unfortunately, the clients that complain the loudest also receive more attention.
7.5 Ways to Guarantee NO Tax Surprises
Your accountant should proactively manage your taxes. If they don’t, find someone else. This may sound simple, but if your tax professional hasn’t called to schedule a tax review by the end of October, something is wrong!
Small Business Tax Checklist (PDF)
Use this checklist with your small business tax return form 1120 or 1120S BEFORE you file either your business or personal tax return.
S-Corporation Strategy: Reduce Income Subject to Self Employment Tax (PDF)
Many businesses start out as sole proprietors filing taxes on Schedule C of their 1040. Once the business is profitable, the taxpayer is subject to Self Employment (SE) Tax on the total profits of the business at a rate of 15.3%. Often, the taxpayer owes more in SE than they do in income tax!
How to Protect Yourself from Wage Claims (PDF)
This article will explain wage claims protection as it applies to Federal law, specifically the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). State and local laws vary, so consult a payroll professional in your area.
If I Pay My Employees Salary, Then I Don’t Have to Pay Them Overtime. Wrong! (PDF)
Many business owners have uttered those fateful words, and most of the time they were wrong. Some paid a hefty price for that failure. So the question is, when do I have to pay overtime?
Paycheck Protection Program- Part Three (Video)
The PPP Flexibility Act has changed the loan and tax forgiveness landscape yet again. In this live webinar, we discussed the new PPP loan program changes and answers to questions related to these topics and were covered in this webinar. Password: 7s+m3j$&
2020 Extended Tax Deadline Open Forum/Live Q&A (Video)
We answered many questions about the July 31st extended tax deadline and tax filing dos and don'ts in this open forum/live Q&A. Password to view: 7L&7794=
Employee Financial Bootcamp (Video): June 9, 2020
The current economic situation is stressful for your employees. Join DaRenda Hanson of Core as she leads your employees to financial relief. Employees will learn: what doesn't work with traditional budgets, looking at needs, wants, obligations with expenses, and why credit scores and calculating net worth are important.
June 30th Tax Deadline (Video)
The CARES Act allowed business taxpayers wide latitude to use past and current business losses to offset taxes. One of the deadlines is June 30th. Find out if you are eligible for this opportunity and how to receive refunds now. In this webinar we will cover: new carryback rules for Net Operating Losses, deadlines you MUST meet to use, planning on how best to utilize your losses, filing form 7004 to get a refund now, and filing an election if you want to use losses in the future
Accounting Method Tax Strategy (PDF)
Most business owners don't think about accounting methods. Why should they? Well, because it can have a major impact on your taxes, and the timing of when you pay.
"Hiring Your Child" Tax Strategy (PDF)
After all you do for your children, make them pay you back with tax savings! Hiring your minor children can add up to some significant tax savings.
Entity Comparison (PDF)
One of the common questions from new business owners is “Should I form an LLC or corporation?” Although there are legal issues that should be considered, I will address the entity selection from a tax standpoint.
How Small Business Owners Can Lower Their Tax Bills Before They Are Due (eBook)
How small business owner can lower their tax bills before they are due with no surprises. Ever.
401k's & Retirement Plans (PDF)
401k’s and other retirement plans for small business are like IRA’s on steroids. Higher limits, ROTH provisions, and more employee options make these plans better options for some businesses.
10 Questions Your Accountant Should Be Asking You (PDF)
Read the 10 most important questions your accountant should be asking you in order to help grow your business.
7.5 Ways to Improve Cash Flow (PDF)
Improving cash flow is always an important priority for small business owners. Discover a few tips on how to make it happen.
5 Things You Must Do When You Receive an IRS Payroll Notice (PDF)
There are plenty of things to worry about when dealing with the IRS, but you have rights. One of the “benefits” is that the IRS has set of rules it has to use.
PPP Loan Forgiveness Deep Dive (Video)
This follow up in our webinar series focuses on several real-life examples using the AICPA loan forgiveness calculator and PPP loan forgiveness application.
Paycheck Protection Program - Deep Dive of Loan Forgiveness Calculations (Video)
This follow-up in our PPP webinar series uses several real-life examples of the AICPA loan forgiveness calculator and PPP loan forgiveness application.
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